Seaview Photography Website Help Page

If you saw a changing screen of images, then click on "Photos" to go to the galleries of photographs.

If you clicked on Photos, you are at the Gallery Page. Clicking on the large Seaview Photography will take you to the Home Page or click on a thumbnail to see the photographs in the desired gallery.

If you are in a gallery, clicking on the large Seaview Photography Galleries will take you back to the Gallery page. Clicking on a thumbnail will let you see the photograph in a larged format.

Single Photograph Display

When you can see a single photography, there are several actions you can perform:

  • Click on the "X" to exit and go back to the thumbnails or press ESC
  • Click on the "Right Arrow" to start a slide show of the photographs
  • Click on the "Empty Square" to see the photograph full screen
  • Click on the "9 small squares Square" to see thumbnails of the photos on the right of the main photo
  • Click on the "Landscape" to access sharing tools and download option
  • Click on the photograph's left hand side to see previous photograph or right hand side for the next photograph. Same can be done using keyboard Arrow Keys

This screen has full mobile/tablet swipe/pinch to zoom facilities as well.